The Advantages of Online Learning

on November 20, 2020

The Advantages of Online Learning

Taking classrooms online has been somewhat of an adjustment for students, parents, teachers, and all players involved in the education industry. After all, very little has changed in the way of traditional education in the last few decades. The advent of the internet ushered in a new way of distributing information, and new technology has allowed us to trade in textbooks for iPads but. for all intents and purposes, teaching and lecturing have remained largely unaltered – until now that is. As educational institutions transition to online learning and make use of digital learning tools, the question of whether or not online learning is more advantageous than face-to-face instruction has risen to the surface. Below we’ll take a look at some of the advantages that online learning can offer for both students and institutions.

Online learning can be more effective than traditional education

According to a report published by the Department of Education which involved a review and meta-analysis of the efficacy of digital education, online learning proved to be more effective than traditional education. The report concluded that “the overall finding of the meta-analysis is that classes with online learning (whether taught completely online or blended) on average produce stronger student learning outcomes than do classes with solely face-to-face instruction.”

Students have greater access to digital educational resources

Traditional education relies on textbooks and other forms of physical medium in order to educate students. When learning online, however, the various digital resources available to students are seemingly endless. Instead of just textbooks, educational materials can also take the form of songs, videos streamed from sites like YouTube, PDFs, podcasts, and more.

Online learning is affordable

Traditional education is expensive. By virtue of the fact that schools require physical locations for learning to take place and online learning does not, massive costs can be cut and these savings passed on to the students. While certain administrative fees still need to be taken into account, not to mention the cost of teacher’s salaries and learning materials, in general, the price of obtaining an education online is significantly lower than traditional schooling.

Students can enjoy a flexible learning schedule

The stereotype of a tired, moody, and irritable teen is one everyone is familiar with, and this may have less to do with them staying up too late but rather starting school too early. Researchers have found that students can improve their learning capabilities by starting school later, and online learning offers a way to facilitate this. Without having to commute or rush to get ready in the mornings, students can enjoy a much more flexible learning schedule, one that frees up more time for learning, playing, and socializing.