A.SCHOOL Is a Powerful and
Comprehensive School Administration App

We designed it from the ground up to connect school administrations, teachers, students and guardians, and provide them with a platform to communicate and collaborate. It’s designed to simplify administrative tasks, save time, and help facilitate what really matters when it comes to education – learning.

Cross-platform compatible

a.school is 100% browser-based, meaning it will work on almost any device. As long as you have an internet connection and some sort of screen, you’re in business. a.school also features responsive design, so feel free to switch between your laptop to your tablet to your smartphone without compromising on a smooth and seamless experience.


Staff administration made easy

A good staff is the backbone of any organization, which is why we’ve made organizing staff within the app extremely simple. Create and manage staff, and assign roles to users as you need them.

Girl studying at a phone

Structure classes your way

a.school uses a flexible system of courses, classes, lessons, and activities that allow you to structure your classes the way you want them. From broad course categories to individual assignments, craft your curriculum to fit your school’s specific needs.

Class entries

Make an announcement, post a few photos, or just say hi with class entries. These mini-class blogs let you post updates, make introductions, and communicate important information with students and guardians.


Take advantage of performance metrics with reports. This powerful tool allows you to aggregate data according to a variety of different criteria and generate dynamic reports for precise data analysis.


Don’t waste time manually detailing every class of the year. a.school allows you to create courses that can then be used as templates for as many upcoming classes as you need. Simply create a course template, modify specific content and details, and your scheduled class is ready to go.

Quick enroll

Enroll students in classes quickly and easily. Whether you want to enroll one or multiple students to as many classes, a.school ensures that the enrollment process is painless and straightforward


Effective communication is the cornerstone of modern technology. a.school allows you to communicate with students in a simple yet powerful way. Address each student individually or broadcast a school-wide email directly within the app.


Plan for classes ahead of time with a.school’s integrated calendar. Create and manage events, switch between daily, weekly or monthly views, and get a feel for the upcoming months at a glance.