Why Moving Student Enrollment Online Makes Sense

on January 6, 2021

Why Moving Student Enrollment Online Makes Sense

With COVID-19 affecting all facets of public life, many institutions are reducing social contact wherever possible. Schools and universities are examples of institutions that have had to overhaul the way in which they operate completely, especially considering the number of interpersonal events that occur in order for students to enroll and be taught. In-person student registration events are one such arena where unnecessary risks are posed to guardians, students, and staff. The sheer number of people attending such events means that there is an increased risk of contracting and spreading communicable diseases.

Dangers aside, the process of traditional registration is outdated. Having students and parents fill in forms by hand, and then later having to process this data manually is inefficient, costly, and time-consuming. With so many parties involved schools also run the risk of compiling inaccurate information.

Shifting to online student enrollment is therefore a much more prudent and efficient alternative no matter which way you look at it. Not only can this be done from anywhere, saving families and staff from having to travel to the school, it also eliminates the need for administrators to manually enter data into a system.

Forms allow you the flexibility to adjust information collection based on your needs as a school

Online enrollment systems such as the one offered by allow you to capture data more accurately and securely than traditional methods. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to translate poor handwriting and hope that you’re inputting the correct surname or age, but there’s no chance of an errant form getting lost at any stage of the process. Also, unlike traditional forms, when inputting data digitally you can easily change and rectify any mistakes you’ve made as you go. Pulling data also becomes infinitely easier once everything is moved online. Instead of digging through endless piles of paper forms, you can search for very specific categories or data types using keywords.

A fully online enrollment experience is more convenient for everyone involved

Online student enrollment is more convenient not only for the families involved but also for the school administration team. Information can be reviewed and submitted by the family instead of being passed on to administrators to process manually. This extends to birth certificates, home bills, and mortgage statements. Instead of having to photocopy these documents in a school office, the family or enrollee can simply take a photo using a smartphone and upload them to a school’s database.

Online enrollment reduces costs at every level

From travel costs to work hours, online enrollment reduces costs at every level. By not having administrators spending their time entering data, manpower can be redirected towards other critical school projects. Money is also saved by eliminating the need for superfluous printing costs and mailing fees, allowing you to redirect money to other parts of your budget.