Service Fees and Charges

Sometimes you may need to include service fees or charges to cover extra costs during the course of your classes such as an extracurricular trip to an art gallery or some additional materials fees that you would like to add to your subscriptions or plans. These fees could also take the form of a registration fee that gets added to every student that registers with your school. allows you to tailor these fees for added flexibility when it comes to adjusting your pricing and packages.

Adding a Course Fee

To add a course fee, log in to your School account then head to Manage > Courses from the side or quick navigation. Select the Fees tab, then click on “Add Course Fee.”

Next, select your fee type – Registration Fees, Material Fees or Other. Add a short description of the fee as well as its amount, then decide if the fee should be charged on enrollment or included in subscriptions by checking the relevant boxes. Once you’re done, click “Add Course Fee.”

Your fee will now appear under the Course Fees section of the Courses Page, where you can edit or remove it by clicking on the elipsis icon to the right of the fee.

Assigning Course Fees to Classes

Once you’ve created a course fee, you can now assign it to one or many classes within that course. To do so, navigate to the course in question. Select the Course Fees tab, click on the gear icon to the right, then select “Copy Fees to Classes.” Filter the available classes by location and period, then select the classes from the results. Once you click “Copy Course Fee to Classes”, all selected classes will now all include the same course fee, which can then be charged to students.

You can also create a class fee for a specific class by navigating to that class, selecting the Fees tab, clicking on the gear icon to the right, and then selecting “Add Class Fee.” This functions in the same manner as a course fee. The only difference is that this fee will only be included in the class that you created the fee for, rather than all classes within a course.

Charging Class Fees to Students

Once you’ve created and assigned fees to various courses and classes, you can then charge the fees to the students. To do so, navigate to the class in the question, select the fees tab, click on the gear icon to the right, then select “Charge Class Fees.” From here you can select the fees you would like to charge, as well as the students within that class that you would like to charge the fees to. Click “Review Checkout” and once you’re happy that all of the details are correct, select “Complete Checkout.”

Finalizing Invoices

The invoices containing the fees will now have been sent to students, but you’ll still have to finalize them. The fastest way to do this is by navigating to Billing > Invoices from the side or quick navigation. Here you will see a list of all invoices marked as “draft.”

Select the one which corresponds to the fees you just issued, click on the gear icon in the upper right, then select “Finalize Invoice.” Once you confirm your selection, the status of the invoice will change from “draft” to “open” which means that the invoice has been successfully issued to the student.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help.