Class Fees and Charges

Sometimes you may need to include service fees or charges to cover extra costs of your classes such as an extracurricular trip, class registration fees, or additional materials fees that you would like to add to your subscriptions or plans. allows you to tailor these fees for added flexibility when it comes to adjusting your pricing and packages.

Only school owners and staff with the necessary billing authority will be able to set and manage class fees.

Adding a Class Fee

To add a class fee, log in to your school account then head to Manage > Classes from the side or quick navigation. Select a class, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, then select “Class Fees”. Next, click on “Add Class Fee”.

In the resulting popup menu, select your fee type – Registration Fees, Material Fees, or Other. Add a short description of the fee as well as its amount, then decide if the fee should be charged on enrollment or included in subscriptions by checking the relevant boxes. Once you’re done, click “Add Class Fee.”

Your fee will now appear on the Class Fees page of a particular class.

You can edit or remove the fee by clicking on the ellipsis icon to the right of the fee, then clicking “Edit Class Fee” or “Remove Class Fee”.

Charging Class Fees to Students

Once you’ve created and assigned fees to various courses and classes, you can then charge the fees to the students.

To do so, navigate to the class fees page of the class in the question, then select “Charge Class Fees.”

From here you can select the fees you would like to charge, as well as the students within that class that you would like to charge the fees to.

Once you’re happy with your selection, click “Review Checkout”, review the details, then select “Complete Checkout.”

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help.