Editing Classes

If, after creating a class, you decide there’s something you want to change, you can easily edit the details from the specific page of a class. From the side or quick navigation, click on Classes, then select the class that you would like to edit.

Classes are edited in different sections. You can edit the main details of a class such as the location, room, code, and capacity from a specific class’ page, by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right, then “Edit Class.”

To change the schedule of a class, select the schedule tab, click on the gear icon, and then “Edit Schedule.” Updating a class schedule replaces all the previously stored dates for that class.

You can add dates to a class’s schedule manually by clicking on the “Add Additional Date” button in the schedule section. You can also set the status of a specific date by clicking on the “More Options” button of a date you’ve created, then selecting “Modify Date.” Click the drop-down menu to set the status of the date to Active, Cancelled, or Excluded.

You can edit the roster, class entries, fees, and lessons under their own respective tabs on a class’s page.

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