What is a Course Group?

“Course groups” are used to help organize and group together courses in broad categories. An example of a course group might be “Mathematics”, “Music” or “Languages”.

If we use Mathematics as an example, courses within the Mathematics course group might look something like, “Advanced Algebra” or “Introduction to Calculus.”

Creating and Managing Course Groups

Course groups can be created, viewed, and managed within a course under the “Groups” tab.

To create a new course group, head to a course (Manage > Courses from the side or quick navigation) then click on the “Groups” tab, and then click, “Manage Groups”. On the resulting pop-up, click the “New Group” button. Here you can name your course group, add an image that best represents it, as well as provide a short description of what the group entails. Click “Add Course Group” to finalize your information and it will now appear under the list of course groups.

In the same pop-up, you can add a course to a group simply by checking the box to the left of the group’s name.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help.