What is a Course?

Courses exist as an organizational tool and template to make scheduling multiple classes easier. Courses can be populated with educational content in the form of lessons and activities, and administrative data in the form of fees. Once created, it can then be used to schedule classes that inherit all of the course’s information.

The basic principle behind courses is that once you’ve created one, you can then use it as a template to schedule classes that inherit the material from that course, instead of creating each new class from scratch.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say we want to create a course called “Advanced Algebra”. Logically, we categorize it under the course group “Mathematics.” We add educational content relevant to the course in the form of mathematical lessons and activities. We also add a registration fee that students need to pay when joining the course. Once we finish creating the course, we can now use it as a template to schedule future classes, all of which will inherit the above information.

For more information about creating classes, click here.

Creating Courses

To create a new course, head to Manage > Courses from the side or quick navigation, then click on the plus icon in the upper right corner. Here you can include a short and long description of the course, an image that best represents it, as well as a code that will be used to track and categorize the course. Once you’re happy with all of the information, click “Add Course.”

You can view all of the relevant information relating to a course by selecting it. This information includes the description of the course, the course groups it belongs to, any fees involved, and any classes that have been scheduled from the course.

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