What Are Class Entries?

Class entries are posts or image galleries that instructors or staff members can upload to a class.

The purpose of class entries is to allow for the quick dissemination of information and is great for communicating with students and providing feedback to guardians. All participants can comment on and interact with each entry.

You can use class entries to post a series of images, broadcast a school-related update, upload notes about a particular bit of course content, or even introduce new students to the class.

Adding a Class Entry

Here’s how to add a class entry:

  • Using the side navigation, head to Classes.
  • Select a class.
  • Click Add Entry.
  • Choose whether you want it to be a post or a photo entry.
  • Once the entry has been published it can be commented on by anyone who is a member of the class.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help.