What Are The Different Elements of a Class?

A class consists of a number of different elements. To avoid any confusion, we’re going to break down each element individually. Each of these elements can be found on different tabs in any class.


In addition to educational content, a class needs to be assigned the following basic classroom information:

  • The site that the class takes place on.
  • The room that the class takes place in.
  • The time period during which the class takes place.
  • The maximum capacity of the classroom.


A lesson is a collection of activities to be completed by students.

You can read more about lessons and activities here.


Entries are a useful tool for making announcements, posting a few photos, or disseminating information quickly through the class. Entries can the form of an image or text-based entry.


Track and view currently enrolled, pending, and transferred students with the class roster. Here you can enroll students, email students as well as take attendance of the class.


Every class needs an instructor. You can add an instructor to a class by clicking on the “Add Instructor” button and selecting from the available registered instructors.


If there are extra fees or charges that you need to pass on to your students, you can do in the class fees section. These fees could be something like textbooks not covered in the subscription, or an upcoming school outing.


The schedule presents when a class will take place in the upcoming weeks and months. You can easily add dates by clicking on “Add Additional Date.” From here you can also take attendance.

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