What is an Activity?

Activities are interactive assignments and tasks that comprise the educational content of a lesson.

To add an activity to a lesson, select the lesson that you would like to add the activity to, then click Add Activity.

There are five different types of activities you can choose from:


Reading activities are text-based and allow you to test students’ comprehension and diction skills.


Writing activities use prompts that encourage students to think and write out their answers. Examples include essays and creative writing.


You can also upload video content about a specific subject. You can use embed codes for videos from YouTube and other streaming sites and have them appear directly in the app.


Quizzes allow you to test your student’s knowledge of a particular subject. Include questions, answers, and additional attachments if you need them.


Create flashcards with images and information on the front and back. Students can continually flip the card to help memorize information.

Adding Attachments to Activities

You can add multiple attachments in the form of images and PDF files to supplement an activity’s content.

To add an attachment:

  • Select the activity.
  • Click on Add Files.
  • Select the images, documents, or PDFs you would like to add, then click Update Activity.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help.