Getting Started

User Accounts allows you to create different types of user accounts depending on your relationship to your school. A user can have one or many accounts and belong to multiple schools simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at the different types of accounts available.


Owner accounts are held by the owners of the schools. They have the authority to create schools, name them, and create and manage staff accounts. Owners have executive-level access to all aspects of a school including the classes and curriculum, student and staff rosters, as well as administrative information like billing and finances.


Staff accounts are created by the school owner and have various levels of school access depending on their role and the capabilities they have assigned to them. In general, users with staff accounts are responsible for curating the curriculum, taking attendance, and interacting with students and guardians.


Student accounts are used by students who are enrolled in the school. Students are able to access classes and lessons, complete activities, and communicate with instructors and guardians.


Guardian accounts are users that are responsible for students. Guardians handle all of the student’s billing, can communicate with instructors about a student’s performance, and are able to make sure that a student is on track for the semester or term.

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