Getting Started

Getting Your School Off The Ground – Managing Students

You’ve taken care of the admin stuff, but now it’s time to get those warm bodies into your classrooms. Below we’re going to look at how to register students to your school and get them set up for classes.

Adding a Student

To add a student to your school, navigate to Manage > Students, then click on the plus icon in the upper right corner. This will allow you to fill in all of the details about the student and register them fully.

Assigning Students to Classes

There are two ways that you can assign students to classes. The first is by enrolling them in the class directly. To do this, navigate to the class management page (Manage > Classes) and select the class you would like to add students to. Click on the “Enroll Students” button in the upper right corner and search for the students you would like to enroll.

You also can enroll a student with Quick Enroll. This tool allows you to search for existing classes and students and enroll them instantly. With Quick Enroll, you can enroll multiple students in multiple courses simultaneously.

To do this, head to Tools > Quick Enroll, and then search for the student and class in question.

You can read more about Quick Enroll here.

Changing a Student’s Enrollment Status

Students can only become enrolled and gain access to a class once a school owner, instructor, or someone with the necessary access changes their status from “pending” to “enrolled.” You can do this manually within a specific class by modifying a student’s status on the Roster.

For more information about changing a student’s enrollment status, click here.

Taking Attendance

There are two ways to take the attendance of a class. The first is by heading to Tools > Class Attendance. Here you can view and search for a specific class by filtering by date, course, and location.

After you’ve found and selected the class you would like to take attendance for, check the box under “Present” if a student is in the class, or leave the box unchecked if they’re absent.

The second method is by heading to a specific class page, clicking on the schedule tab, clicking on the gear icon, then selecting “Take Attendance.” From here follow the same method as above.

You can read more about managing class attendance here.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help.