How Do Family Accounts Work?

Family accounts are managed by schools and group students and guardians together. This allows for easier and more cohesive billing for families.

To manage family accounts, navigate to Manage > Family Accounts from the side navigation.

You can add a new family account by clicking on the plus sign in the right corner, entering the family name, then selecting “Add Family Account.”

Adding a Family Member

Once you’ve created a family account, you can then add the family members. You can do this by selecting the family, then clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner. Select “Add Student” or “Add Guardian”, and search for them in your school database. Once you’ve found the family member you’re looking for, select them, then click “Add Student” or “Add Guardian”.

Note – you will have to create a student or guardian profile for the family member before they can be added to the family account.

Head of Household

You will also have to select a Head of Household (HOHH). The HOHH is the family member responsible for all of the students in the family account and will be billed accordingly.

You can edit the HOHH from the family management page by selecting the HOHH tab, clicking “Edit Head of Household” and selecting from the available family members.

Emergency Contact

As a school, you can also assign an emergency contact. You can choose and edit the details from the family management page by selecting the emergency contact tab, then clicking, “Edit Emergency Contact.”

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